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The Real Justin Hicks

He was accused of serious domestic violence.

He lied about serving in battle.

He has a self-serving and pro-criminal legislative agenda.

He proposed legislation for St. Louis students that would harm our students.

The Truth About Justin Hicks
  • Court records show that Justin Hicks was issued a restraining order for allegedly attempting to choke a young woman while telling her he could kill her (1).

  • Hicks repeatedly falsely claimed to have fought in battle. Hicks’ military enlisted record brief proves his overseas deployment was in an HR role in the United Arab Emirates and it shows he was never in Iraq or Afghanistan (2).

Watch Video of Hicks Lying on the Radio

  • Fake conservative Hicks proposed an amendment to allow St. Louis students (3) into our suburban schools despite struggling with discipline issues already.

  • Hicks proposed a bill to automatically expunge criminal recordsincluding felonies (4).

  • He also proposed a bill on court documents to hide birthdates (5) from publication that would have prevented verification of his own restraining order.

  • Hicks proposed another bill to continue to allow sex offenders (6) to petition to remove themselves from the registry.

On Tuesday, August 6, 2024

Vote for Max Calfo!

1. Restraining Order

2. Military Enlisted Record Brief

3. “The open enrollment bill as introduced included an exemption for SLPS [St. Louis Public Schools] because of its court-ordered desegregation plan, preventing students living in the city from transferring to outside districts. The approved bill removes the exemption under an amendment from Rep. Justin Hicks, R-Lake Saint Louis…”

4.  “A person shall become eligible for an automatic expungement of his or her offenses, violations, or infractions, subject to the following limits and all other provisions of this section, when: (a) Three years have passed since final disposition, if the offense is a felony; or (b) One year has passed since final disposition, if the offense is a misdemeanor…”

5. “No person shall disclose a person's Social Security number or date of birth unless otherwise authorized by law or a court order.”

6. “A person on the sexual offender registry may file a petition in the division of the circuit court in the county or city not within a county in which the offense requiring registration was committed to have his or her name removed from the sexual offender registry.”

7. Contains extensive reference to electronic money.

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