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This is Mike Costlow


He is running on “character,” “integrity,” and “transparency.”


In reality, he is a con artist who stole from children.

Don’t be fooled by Mike Costlow!

Costlow stole thousands of dollars worth of property from children and adults in Georgia. He didn’t even pay back all of his victims after he got caught. His criminal record was confirmed in a 2011 court document.

State of Georgia v. Michael Taylor Costlow (L07-0061)

In 2021, he was FORCED by a St. Charles County court to pay $8,000 after cheating an area business out of what he owed.

CC Specialty Contractors v. Michael Costlow (1911-CC01137)

Who is behind Mike Costlow?

Lobbyists at “American Federation for Children” who want St. Louis students to enroll in St. Charles County schools despite struggling with disciplinary issues already.

Open enrollment gets hearing in Missouri Senate, Missouri Independent, 4/4/23.

Missouri educators vow to fight as open enrollment plan gains steam, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/12/23.

Lobbyist Jean Evans, state director of AFC, Mike Costlow for Missouri State Representative, Facebook, 6/8/24. 

RINO Mike Costlow:
no character, no integrity, no transparency.
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